Smitten Tee

Our most popular downloaded pattern is now updated and is available as a kit!

Using our Merino Camel and Marrakesh held together this combination creates a fabric that is soft and has a bit of sparkle. Knit in the round, bottom up, with a simple garter stitch raglan yoke that has a wide neck. the Smitten Tee is great for all occasions.

Available in 4 sizes

Small: 2 x Merino Camel (800m) + 1 Marrakesh (800m)
Medium: 2 x Merino Camel (800m) + 1 Marrakesh (800m)
Large: 3 x Merino Camel (1200m) + 1.5 Marrakesh (1200m)
XL: 4 x Merino Merino Camel (1600m) + 2 Marrakesh (1600m)

Looking for a larger size?
Reach out and we can help you get what you are looking for.


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